Maps updates were stopped. Please use Osm2garmin application to generate Garmin maps from OpenStreetMap data yourself.

As a side-product of my need of up-to-date world maps because of my frequent traveling, I have compiled world OpenStreetMap data into format suitable for Garmin handheld GPS receivers. Now I decided to make these maps available to the public.

The whole world is devided into regions, each region is covered with a single mapset. Please check the Maps coverage page to find region(s) suitable for you.

Data are processed with command-line version of the Osm2garmin application. As a result, compiled gmapsupp.img mapset is prepared for each region.

Azureus/Vuze plugin is available to automatically download and update maps. Alternatively you can visit the Download page to obtain instructions how to download the maps with the use of other BitTorrent clients.

After downloading, save the corresponding gmapsupp.img file to the garmin/ folder of the memory card of your GPS receiver. Please note that the maps are provided “as is” and you can use them on your own risk only. Maps data created prior 2012-09-12 are available under CC-BY-SA license any newer data are licensed under ODbL license.

Maps are updated approx. 6x per year. Together with the new version of each map a Delta difference file created with the XDeltaEncoder tool is published. The difference file can be used to update your existing older maps. Difference files are named after the old and new dataset timestamp (can be found in the comment of the torrent file) and the size of the old gmapsupp.img file. Difference files are significantly smaller than the original maps. Azureus/Vuze plugin instantly downloads and applies appropriate diff patches on the fly.

Example of updating the old gmapsupp.img using Delta difference file:

java -jar XDeltaEncoder.jar -d gmapsupp.img.old gmapsupp.img.20110425_0300_to_20110525_0000_2793799680.delta.gz gmapsupp.img

Do not unzip downloaded delta files before applying patch.

In addition to downloading maps to your GPS receiver, you can decompile gmapsupp.img files and register them into Garmin Mapsource software using a suitable tool, e.g. GmapTool.

Maps are provided for free, nevertheless you can consider to support my effort by a donation.