As the hosting server bandwidth is very limited, maps are available for download using BitTorrent.

1. Automatic download / update

Vuze/Azureus plugin is available to download maps automatically and keep them up-to-date instantly with the use of published delta files. This is the recommended way to download/maintenance maps. For more information please visit plugin User’s guide page.

2. Manual / custom download

With most BitTorrent clients you can select to download single file or group of files only if needed.

GDiff delta files are available to update your existing older versions of map files. You can download Java application XDeltaEncoder to patch old maps with delta file to get new maps here. Do not unzip delta files before patching.

Please seed your files after download.

Torrents available for download:

Example of updating the old gmapsupp.img using Delta difference file:

java -jar XDeltaEncoder.jar -d gmapsupp.img.old gmapsupp.img

Incremental delta files are web-seeded only. Please use BitTornado webseed aware client to download them. More information

Starting from 20120709_1400_to_20120830_0000.torrent, distributed delta files contain differences from old data only. New data have to be downloaded after map file is patched. See Delta files distribution changed article for more information.